Brand List

Bike brand IBF 2024

Some tricks to use brand list

Write the name of a brand to see if it is in the brand list. Click on it to open product details and find different information. You can see if the brand make product test or sale, the categaries of its products and its booth number. 
Clicking on the red booth botton you can see the brand position in the map.

Write in the search bar the name of a category. You have to write the italian name of the category to use this function

  • Abbigliamento (clothes)
  • Accessori (accessories)
  • Altri veicoli (other vehicles)
  • Bici (bikes)
  • Borse e zaini cicloturismo (bikepacking)
  • Caschi e protezioni (helmets and protections)
  • Componentistica (bike components)
  • Motori e-bike (e-bike motors)
  • Occhiali (glasses)
  • Selle (seaddles)
  • Sport nutrition
  • Turismo (tourism)
  • Media
  • Aree servizi e intrattenimento (activities)

You can also use the filter to see the brand that makes test and sale. Write:

  • Test prodotto (product tests)
  • Vendita prodotti (sale)