Bike Park

“al campetto”

Our Bike Park offers a unique experience within the IBF village, a special area designed for two-wheeled enthusiasts who want to test their skills and have fun.

Located in a lively and dynamic environment, the “al Campetto” Bike Park is the ideal place for cyclists of all ages and skill levels. Here, you’ll find small ramps and obstacles that provide a variety of challenges to improve your cycling skills, all in a controlled and safe environment.

One of the main attractions of the “al Campetto” Bike Park is the jump with landing on an airbag. Here, you can safely and enjoyably practice and learn how to jump on a bike.

Our Bike Park is open to all ages, with activities suitable for children starting from 6 years old and adults who want to have an exciting biking experience during IBF.

Download and fill out the liability waiver form

Also, please remember that in order to participate in the bike tests, you will need to submit the completed liability waiver (assumption of responsibility form) at the entrance to the test areas (located at the in/out box). You can also fill out the form at the event.