Bike Show

The Bike Show Arena is the stage where riders from various disciplines such as BMX, dirt, enduro and trials will compete with tricks over the three-day event.

Friday 15 september:
14:00-14:30 e 17:00-17:30

Saturday 16 september:
11:30-12:00, 14:30-15:00 e 17:00-17:30

Sunday 17 september:
11:00-11:30 e 14:00-14:30

 The BikeFlip crews will welcome you in the Bike Show Arena. Thanks to the combination of tricks, jumps, scenography and music they will leave you speechless. We advise you to mark the times to get in the front row, you never know that these guys will want to involve you in their Bike Show.

 The shows will take place at the Bike Show Arena